Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Been There Done That...

I'm not going to chase you around the streets of Pubtown, Tazzie.

Been There...

Done That.

The Third...

You're arse print is still on my couch...

I do love you. You don't have to leave me just so I can prove the point.

I'm not going to call you tonight. You're the Third man now to call me a Cunt.

And mean it.

And I'm over it.

You are the obnoxious one.

You are as clever as me but you aren't cleverer.

If you would only listen then you would be here and not at your house.

I love you Tazzie, and I won't rip out any more pages of My Book just because you tell me to.

Like I told you...

You can come back whenever you want.


I had a good day with you and you went and ruined it by being a Sooky Sulk.

That's all.

(Sung To The Tune Of Beyonce's) Halo...

Tonight I found your letter

I didn't know what to say...

I thought that I knew you better

Didn't know that I'd have to pay.

My heart is fully broken

You've left me sad, and it's a token

That you called me a Cunt and walked away (you Prick)

You should have never cut me out.

Baby when you look at me now

I'm surrounded by your disgrace.

Baby I can see your halo

I see it written all over your face.

You think that you are doing a favour

I thought that you might be my saviour

Baby I can see your halo. Your halo-oh-oh-oh-oh...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Three...

Hey, You Three...

I am so glad to hear from You Three Stalwarts, I've been in (internet)hiding a while due to going through a court case with ex-Hubby,I am putting him on an AVO after he assaulted me in front of Youngest Son. It's been a few messy months, honey's. It's been adjourned now until January, but I'll let you know how I go with it all.

Also been very busy at work; and I have this Thang going with my mate Tazzie (the Celtic fan) where we are either as happy as Larry and Pigs in Shite or fighting like Mash freaks over who is the biggest fan of Hawkeye...I'm in love again Y'All. He's 45 and shits me to tears with his pedantic ways, but I am generally happy to drink sacks of De Bortoli Chardonnay every afternoon with my Gentleman of a mate. He treats me so well; today perhaps being an exception to the rule, as we had a fight (and he walked home, walking stick and all( he had a back operation in August), but I have never felt so comfortable and so well looked after before by anybody before. He is my best mate. Even if has the shits with me today, shit happens. I know we will work things out. Even if he doesn't love me back like I love him. Yet.

Gotta love you and leave you for now; but take care...and stay strong.

All the time,

Miss Construed x