Friday, January 29, 2010

A New Letter For Wemmaly...

Hey Wemmaly

Thanks for saying hi; I thought that you'd never speak to me again after what happened between us a few years ago. One of my biggest fears,my Dear. I hope you know why I did what I did. And I'm sorry for hurting you.

So you saw my little house; what did you think? I've been here with Littlest and Eldest son's (when is he home?) since Sept 2008. In fact I moved in on my birthday; hubby and I had been arguing heaps before then anyway, and as I briefly told you the other day violence got the better of us about a month before and he ended up putting my head into your blue and white tiered speckly bowls. One of the plates was fully cracked, the big bottom one, which has now gone, but I still have the others on my kitchen table. It served me as a reminder why I'm now living here, but they are still here if you want them back. I had black eyes for a month and couldn't go to work for a week, and even then was only on light duties. His mother even took me up to the hospital but I didn't press any charges. He told me to get out of the Gregory Pde house, so I applied for a few houses though no one would even look at the application, being a single pensioner and with the Chopper Dog to consider. So hubby went on the lease, only to get me this house, but he's never lived here. It's my place. I hated it at first (even though it is only a few minutes walk from 4 pubs) but now I call it my home.

We've tried a few times to reconcile; within the first 4-5 weeks that I moved in he assaulted me again in my loungeroom. Police were called but I didn't have him charged...

Then I started seeing Tazzie; who you met the other day in my loungeroom. He's 45 and my new/best/only friend. He'd been through his own recent breakup and was a mate from down at the Northo before he started coming over, though we've spent a lot of time together over the last 16 months. He's made me a garden. He's a gentleman and a shithead all in one. He's also the biggest bone of contention that hubby has. They have had two punchups; not because Taz wants me as his woman but because he won't see his mate hurt. We've done the drunken sexual thing but for the most part he is just my staunchest friend. He's a steel-fixer by trade but hasn't worked since having his back operation in August, which meant we've spent a lot of time playing cards and Backgammon. He's in love with both his ex's. He doesn't want a relationship or even to hold my hand. But he's my mate. And I like him. Which makes hubby shitty. I get on better with Taz than I feel I ever have with hubby. Tazzie makes me laugh; not cry.

Anyway; hubby assaulted me again last September, held me down and choked me in front of little Son, so I took out an AVO, which he breached twice before Melbourne Cup day. He pled not guilty so it got adjourned until January. Close to the court day he started being nice, in his own mental way, and I started feeling guilty about having him up on assault charges, being as he is the kid's father and all (Taz still doesn't get why I felt guilty).I was subpoened for court but didn't show up, so the charges were dropped. He's in enough trouble as it is, he'd been placed on a 3 year good behaviour bond in November for driving unlicenced,( and since Then, has been caught driving disquailified another two times, due to appear in court in February) There's nothing I can do to get him off this time. He's going to jail for sure; getting his pre-sentance report done as we type. I didn't want to be the one who sent my kid's father to jail. Taz gets angry when I try and protect him from the consequences, that's why he's gone home tonight with the shits at me(on his walking stick...).

I think you're up to speed on my situation now; even if it took me a good hour to type it all out.

So tell me; how are you? How is Willy? I guess you're back in Orange? I hope you're well, chicken, all sorted and happy.
And I was happy to mind your stuff; I kept your elephant in the same spot on the tv exactly where you left it. Elephants don't forget. And neither will I, Wemmaly.
You're as gorgeous as ever.

Can you see the time? It's 12;44 am and I have work in the morning and I'm half pissed. Okay; fully pissed.

Take care my sweet; I hope to talk to you soon

Goof x