Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Remembrance Day...

His Tongue.

Like Velvet.

In My Mouth.


Here is a code so secret even I can't crack it.


Apparently it means something to me.

WTF ??

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Realisation...

I can do Whatever I want.

Whenever I want.

With Whoever...

I want.


So here I am...

Faced with a conundrum. Or a dilemma.

Neither are easy to spell let alone deal with.

I don't know why; I just Needed to do it.

Don't pretend to love me. It's the worst thing you could do.

Especially when you know how much I relied on You...

I know you want to come Home already. But you just Can't.

You'll have to try harder than That.


Happy 41st Twinkle Toes!


Here is something So Secret that it won't Ever make it into my Actual diary...

Damon told me (when I asked him later) that he had really enjoyed the Other Night.

And I liked it when he went down on me, too. I am hot and wet just thinking of him.


I am so Not ready for any of This.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here's To The End...

He sees me as a weakness

When I have always been his Strength.

But then How was he to know?

He never let me in.

The Realisation has hit me...

He's not about to start.

So Here's to the end.

Of a broken heart.

So What ???

I guess I just lost my husband, I dunno where he went
so I'm gonna drink my money, I'm not gonna pay his rent
I got a brand new attitude, I'm gonna wear it tonight
I wanna get in trouble, I wanna start a fight
Na na na na na na na
I wanna start a fight
Na na na na na na na
I wanna start a fight.
So, so what, I'm still a rock star
I got my rock moves, and I don't need you
So guess what, I'm having more fun
and now that we're done, I'm gonna show you
tonight, I'm alright, on this fight(?)
and you're a tool, so
so what, I am a rock star
I got my rock moves, and I don't want you tonight
check my flow, uhh!

So What?

Lyrics by Pink

These Sure Are Texting Times (Or Perhaps Just A Unique Way Of Perceiving Things) ...

These are just a sample of some of the Doozies I've received lately...

( NB * Please see Disclaimer at end of Passage).

I'm writing them here as evidence. In case he deletes my phone.


Hubby: You can't handle the drugs.

Hubby: You can't hold it together Fuck Up.

Hubby: Drugs are fucking you up.

Hubby: You can't handle your emotions.

(NB I messaged him back to say leave me alone.)

Hubby: Too Easy.

Hubby: You don't get to suck my dick no more. I have been fucking someone else for two months now. Fuck you Spaz.

Hubby: She just finished then said to say hi.

Hubby: You started it's just payback.

Hubby: You're the selfish one who has split a family apart because you choose to live in some fantasy world where you are a victim. Everything bad in your life you have created so take responsibility.

Hubby: If you can't recall anything I've done to help you then you truly are ill and need special help.

Hubby: Buy some red shoes, put them on, and click your heels together three times. Britney.

Hubby: At least I'm sane.

Hubby: You told me to fuck off so many times I have already stopped caring. It doesn't hurt anymore.

Hubby: Self destruct all you like you're only hurting yourself. I'm just dandy.

Hubby: I go without so you can have nice things. I put myself out so you can do stuff and all I get in return is you calling me a cunt and being slagged off to anyone who will listen. Every time you have a mental episode I'm the one who suffers. You had it all and you didn't appreciate it. Don't you even dare tell me I am the fuck up in your life. I have done evrything for you and you just spit in my face.

Hubby: You can't hold a conversation together without losing your temper just because something is said that conflicts with your unique way of perceiving things.

Hubby: No worries. Then you don't mind if I fuck someone else then.

Hubby: My Gain. A Root's a root; isn't it?

Hubby: The one you knock back is the one you don't get; but You wouldn't know about that.

Hubby: Me too. Now.

Hubby: Times ticking away. So whenever you want to apologise for your behaviour just call.

Hubby: You like violence. You encourage it.

Hubby: Fuck. You are mental.

Hubby: Too pissed now. I'll sleep in park.

Hubby: Dumb is as dumb does.

Hubby: It's pretty fucking simple to make it home at a reasonable hour and not carry on with your drunken bullshit. Your the fuckwit that shits on me.

Hubby: Don't go out on the piss all night if you can't get yourself up for work stupid.

Hubby: No. Fuck you for being an alcho fuckup again.

Hubby: No you don't.

Hubby: Help yourself first. I'm not here to pick up after you.

Hubby: I wasn't the one out on the piss all night. Have fun at work.

Hubby: I was helping out last night. You said you didn't need it. So suck shit.

Hubby: You are a scabby alcho slut and I would hate it if you were my mother.

Hubby: Do you know Eldest Son is ashamed of you?

Hubby: Your own family said you suck.

Hubby: Eldest Son said "My mum's a dug addict".

Hubby: Everything you do; I will tell Eldest Son.

Hubby: I have three girls who want my cock. Plus you.

Hubby: I'm off to town. Fuck you. Skank.

Hubby: You're a trouble making slut with no friends.

Hubby: And I cum in her mouth. Twice.

Hubby: It was fun just to hurt you.

Hubby: Suck shit. Big mouth.

Hubby:Your big mouth backfired last night. I'll fuck her while you work. Suck shit slut.

Hubby: Fuck you retard. I'll fuck who ever I want. Suck shit Spazo.

Hubby: Just thought I'd let you know I'm fucking someone else. Spazzo Bitch.

Hubby: Told Eldest Son you had another man in your bed last night.

Hubby: I'll tell Bowe's missus you like punch-ups.

Hubby: Anyone who says anything to me about you will go to hospital. Be proud Ruth.

Hubby: I hate you. You are a spastic.

Hubby: Bowe's missus will tear your hair out.

Hubby: Who's looking after your kids? Alcho slut.

Hubby: I spent most of the weekend with one can you even remember his name?

Hubby: You love the pub more than you love Little Son.

Hubby: All this started because you would not come home from the Pub when you said you would so you make me look like a cunt. Are you totally fucked in the head or what?

Hubby: I am going to kill myself tonight.

To Be Continued...

NB * All speeling has been corrected and edited by Miss Constrewed. Because Huuby couldn't strang 'free words togeffer if he's life deep ended on it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Three Strikes...

Why not write my Memoirs?

I might die at 40 and never get the chance to do so something important.

I've always known I was going to die young. I won't make it to 80; that's for sure.


You are the Cunts of this world.

Not all of you. But the Potential Cunts are all men.

So tonight I will eat my Laksa out of the saucepan because I fucking well feel like it. And because it will save on the washing up.

Keep bleeding.

Happiness is waiting for you.

It's all about how the words fit together..

This time he has to Know he's Not allowed back.

No need for any more secrets.

Just give me back my keys. That's the way it is. Eating soup by Myself.

Pausing for effect...

Waiting for the knock on the door. Dreading it. Minimilising the dread.

Damage. What you have done. Hot and cold.

You. How long? Will you blame me?

You. The Love of my fucking Life? Thanks a fucking lot for Everything.

Face the Truth; I made you go. I like the way things are. The people who are laughing at me like me better than they like you. That's a fucking Fact.

You know what you did. You fucked me fucking up. On purpose. So now it's Your turn.

To Go Get Fucked.

You stared out pushing me down. Then into stuff. Then you hid the bruises on parts of Me that didn't show. Then I disguised them. After that I couldn't hide what you had done.

And Now...

After all of Everything...

I finally Feel it.

You have broken my my mind. My soul. I will Not forgive you. For fucking my arse via three fingers. Against my will. I cried out for you to stop...

And yet.

Now I have a black eye and bruises on my chin and neck.

Now I am the one who is fucking around despite your demented text messages claiming to be doing the same with sluts.

It's You. Not me.

"Get fucked. Get fucked. I hate."

Now click your heels together three times and say That fast three times; because that's the way I fucking feel towards You. I hope that the Wish Fairy takes away all of your bad memories. I won't be so lucky, Cunt.

You're demeaning. You're not clever. And you're not funny.

That's three fucking strikes.

Add to that you're a cunt and it's no wonder I don't want to be near you.

I haven't wronged you...I've just Outgrown you.

So Goodbye. Farewell. And A-Fucking-Men.

It's over.

Quote Of The Day...

"Tell That to my black eye...

...and Damaged arsehole"

Friday, October 10, 2008

We Apologise For This Break In Transmission...

All services will resume as soon as it is Humanly possible.