Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Truth...

This post...



Quite Far...




Drum roll; please...

The Truth.

One Away...

This post is only One Away...

From the Truth.

Tell Me Again...

I cooked you a steak sandwich for dinner...

And sucked your cock for Breakfast;

Because you asked so nicely.

So why am I a Queer Bitch?

Tell me again What I get from you?

I'll tell You All...What I get.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

If You Loved Me...

"If you loved me then you wouldn't love someone else?"

If you loved Me...

You'd say sorry.

Don't say you're too busy; you're fanatical and obsessed.

And Piss Off if you don't care.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I couldn't be bothered to read all that shit. I know what I have seen and been told by countless people. As far as slimebag Tas that was the first thing the relation ship counselor said was a bad idea. Big and Little Son have both mentioned your antics with pissy dero Tas. I was trying to curb a life style that was spiralling out of control.
I have no more time or energy to discuss our past relationship and not interested in starting a new one.

Regards hubby
I know you hate reading long things so I'll keep this short...

Miss Fancy Pants and her partner have offered to rent me a house that he owns across the road. It would be cheaper rent than here and the dog can live there too. He has indicated that he'll give me a job in the office. Schools are close and MFP reckons the area is awesome.

I guess you might wonder where Tas was on the weekend; well he was in Qld visiting his kids. He'll be moving there within the next 6-12 months. So there is nothing stopping me from making a change for myself; especially when you aren't interested in a relationship with me.

I think I'll take her up on her offer; she said the house will remain empty until I decide if I want it.

Meet someone new and make a new family.

This one's gone.

Miss Construed x

The Bad News...

The Bad News is...

I don't think I should love him anymore.

The Problem is...

I think that I do.

I Must...

What He Wrote...

The real reason for our relationship breakdown was that you wanted to go out getting smashed off your face every weekend and any night you could through the week.

You constantly flirted and hung off other blokes at the pub and caused fights with me out of the blue just so you could stay out all night drinking.You say you never cheated ( that's total bullshit) but you expressed your self as available and were more than interested which is the same disrespect.

As for communication every time I would object (which I don't see as unreasonable) you would deny any of that was going on become abusive yell, Scream and throw things. Then tell me too fuck off and get out of YOUR house. Then after a couple of days or weeks you would want to make up. Then after a few months,weeks and then days you would go out and do the exact same thing again.

All I ever asked for was to take it easy on the drugs and piss and try and do more things as a family but that didn't fit into your life style of being a pissed out drug fucking slut. So you found a dero scumbag FUCK called Tas and got shit faced and had sex all around the house so the kids could hear and see. ALL CLASS

I was moving on with my life when you said you wanted to give it another go. Now any normal person who would want a caring and trusting relationship with someone would reduce their ties with the last person they were fucking. some thing else to fight about. Just FRIENDS fuck off . How many times did we make plans to spend time together only for you to run off chasing the fuck wit. Too much JERRY SPRINGER style for me.

For the violence; your the first to crack the shits and become abusive and escalate the situation. You deny all this shit you carry on with and try to yell the loudest to win the fight.I think you secretly pushed me and wanted me to lose my temper just so you had an excuse you could use to justify you behavior. Every one has a breaking point and you know that.

As for time running out. I know you would just carry on with the same old JERRY SPRINGER show and think it was normal. So I would have to be the dumbest person on the planet to go through that shit again.



Sad...But True...

This tirade only proves to me one thing; that you never believed in our relationship or trusted in my love for you.

I have loved you since the first day that I met you; chased you like a fool and tried to get you to fall in love with me. I don't even know if I was successful. I think you only started going out with me at all because we had a child and you wanted to be a part of his life. Much like now; I think all of your attempts at trying to work things out with me have been because you want to live in the same house with Little Son.

We had problems WAY before we BOTH started partying at the weekends, every weekend. I think you started becoming suspicious of me because you felt you were losing control of me and so you started trying to dictate the terms by which I could enjoy myself. You were happiest when you could go out alone with your mates; when I was at home with Little Son when he was a baby. When he got a bit older you seemed to resent it that I could go out too; and then would try and control when I had to leave.

For the record; I didn't hang off other men and portray myself as single. The only people we hung around with were our friends and people who knew I was in a relationship with two children. The times that you left and went home alone I was always in the company of our friends, like Twink or Mac, CC or Jen Jen. Ask them if I even once cheated on you when we were together. I didn't. So, of course when you accused me of cheating (or wanting to)I would deny it. It didn't even matter to you if I was telling the truth; once it got into your head you believed it regardless of what I said. No one likes to be accused of being a liar, hubby; which is why the arguments happened. You had your own version of the truth and I didn't have to accept it as true when I knew I wasn't doing what you were (and still are) accusing me of.

You were jealous when I was only being myself. You didn't like the fact that people found me funny or interesting to be around. It somehow irked you not to be the centre of attention, which I never asked or needed to be. You even said yourself, on many occasions, that people liked me more than you. I can't help being who I am and I won't apologise for being me. Lots of people like who I am, even if you don't.

It was only towards the end that you decided to want to do things together as a family. You hated doing the family thing as far as I could tell. You went to the pub every afternoon and all weekend you spent with your mates; and I was like your mother, picking you up and driving you around. You even had me drive you to Norty's the morning I was in labour with Little Son. So much for caring about being a family; I almost didn't wake you up when I went to the hospital I was so angry at you for being drunk. And it would have served you right to miss out on his birth; you barely supported me throughout the whole pregnancy; like you were in denial. Then after he was born it was back to business as usual for you. Mates came first; followed by the pub. Me and the kids barely seemed to rate a second thought. You can say that's not true, if you like, but that's how it seemed to me. I'll show you my diaries again if you like. It felt like you had rejected me all over again.

I'm not going to go into the Taz thing with you; except to say that I don't have sex all around the house for the kids to see and hear. The times that you and I have made plans to spend time together Taz has always backed off and let that happen. He's told me he'd like nothing more than to see me and you back together, but as time and time again keep proving, he doesn't see that happening with any happy outcome. When I've 'run back to see him', as you put, it has been because I can trust him not to hurt me. Something I don't think I'll ever safely be able to say about you again.

What happens the Next time that you get angry at me and lose your temper? Did you see or envision my face when you were smashing the glass above my bed? I think we both know that there Will be a Next Time. Next time you might put me into hospital. Or worse. You've even said I'd deserve it. And that I encourage violence. Who does That? That really makes me reconsider the fact that I actually want to trust you and believe that you won't hurt me again when I know what you are capable of doing. And what you've already DONE.

Yes; everyone has a breaking point. But not many show theirs with such aggression and violence. The times I've got in your face and yelled was in protest for false, deluded and paranoid accusations. And for the mental abuse you put me through, like when you'd call me a fucking mental bitch when it's now been Proven that it's actually You who has most of the problems. I'm glad you accepted that to a point; but I also believe it was your intention all along to sway the judge with the '"Poor me. I've got mental issues" card so that the charges of spousal physical abuse would go away. People tell me I've done the wrong thing by not continuing the court proceedings and letting you off the assault charge. If you'd been convicted, and you Would have, maybe you would have eventually seen the error of your ways.

Getting away with it (and you have) only justifies the excuses you've made to yourself all along.

Knowing all this; it's not only you who would be the Dumbest Person on The Planet if we tried to make it work again. I'd be a right Royal Fuckwit, too, to put myself smack bang in the path of your chaos and destructive nature. You aren't the placid, easy going person that you actually think you are. You've got a lot of aggression in you that stems from god only knows where. I've thought about it for a lot of years and wondered if it could ever change. I should have known the first time, when you pushed me into your bedroom mirror at Stayton Street, that you aren't capable of change.

And THAT, my Friend...Is sad. But True.

Miss Constrewed x

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Right Of Reply...

A nut case?

It takes one, as they say, to know one.

Get help. You obviously need it as you're in such denial about the past. A few months talking to a good Psychotherapist would do you the world of good.

Fond Regards,

Miss Construed.

PS Little Son is staying with your mother this Wednesday night. I'll be instructing her that she is not to leave you alone and unsupervised whenever he is visiting. If I learn any differently I'll be ceasing these visits. I don't want you taking him down with you in case you try to do something stupid. Fucked up people do fucked up things sometimes. Also; I don't see the point in him coming to your place over this weekend being as you'll be out on the ecky's on Friday night and then at cricket all day Saturday. Maybe next week... if you play nice.

The Story Continues...

It doesn't matter which sick site you might visit; the point is you are in denial about why we broke up.

I hope you get the message soon; and before it's too late. And that you don't ruin the next person's life that you decide to bash when it suits you just because you can't or aren't able to communicate with them without resorting to violence and then blaming them for YOUR actions...

For the record; I Never fucked around on you.

Stick to the medication (if you ever took any at all) and keep going to the shrink.

Love you. No matter what.

Miss Construed x

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Letter To The X...

Sorry;but I'm not a new contact from your fucked up social network.

And if you're in any doubt as to who I am then let me refresh your schizophrenic head.

I'm the one who deserves to be killed.

And beaten up. Repeatedly. Over a 19 year period of time.

I'm the one who you jammed up the arse that night.

I'm the one who had black eyes for a fucking month.

I'm the one who's head you kept banging into a ceramic plate until it cracked.

I'm the one who let you OFF the charges.

I'm also the mother of your children.

I'm the person you tell me that You still love.

And you wonder why we aren't together anymore; you Special Needs Individual, you?

Do you feel like being enlightened?

You should be fucking ashamed of the way you treated me.

No "Man" hits his kids' mother. Or their Supposed wife.

Have a happy fucking birthday on Friday. I hope you get laid.

Your a Cocksucking Queer Cunt. You deserve to be alone.

You had it all.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Just Want To Wish You Well...

In the immortal words of Bernard Fanning...

Tazzie; I just want to wish you well.

Enjoy meeting your kids again for the first time in six years.

We Googled them.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Munchie Queen...

Hey Luvvy

Thanks for saying hi; I bet you are having a great time travelling around the Traps.

Boy; don't I sound like a right dick! Tally ho!

Forgive the accent...

The Cat Hat that you speak of will serve you well.

I am pissed; so please disregard all comments thus far.

Chocolate is King!

The Munchie Queen x

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Neanderthal's Versus Philosophy...

Tazzie and I were watching a show about Neanderthal's and Philosophy.

Two of my favourite subjects...

He got a bit rambunctious during my Valid argument and then he left with the shits.

Shit happens...

Now his phone is turned off.

I only wanted to let him know how educated/interested I am on the subject.

He's gone home; the forty five year old Baby.

Heaven help him if he ever meets another opinionated person in his life.