Monday, May 31, 2010

The Price Of A Loaf Of Bread...

Nastiness..gets you nowhere, hubby. Surely your shrink has told you this.

I love you. And You love me. I'm your special. Your soul mate. Your continued interest in me, the writing of emails and texts etc, tells me so. You aren't over me, by a long shot. The mother of your two children who you supposedly loved and adored and bashed. And I could have you back. All I have to do is tell you.

You're the one who has told me that you can't say no to me. I'm not being deceitful. If anything, the admissions I have made to you only make me more honest and trustworthy.

You'd like me more..when your cock is in a man's mouth. Or the other way around. Because I think that you are.... honestly... gay. No offence.

There hasn't been any sex parties; and you're manipulation won't work because your fantasies can't make me jealous.

How about you cut to the chase and admit'd love your old life back. No dole queue, no mother or creepy sister to harass you...what you and I had was my life. I loved you. You deranged fuck.

More to the you have told the CSA that you have already paid me $900 advance in maintenance; I have prepared a shopping list...

On your dole day (ie every fortnight), you can buy for Little Son

Cheese and biscuits (six pack)
K-Time Twists (Strawberry/Blueberry)
Pink Quik
12 pack Sliced Cheese(I still have a
broken wrist remember)
Loaf of Bread
$4.50 (in an envelope) for his Monday lunch order

That's about $20 worth. I'm sure you'd agree he's worth it. It won't keep a roof over his head, but it's a start.

You can have your mum deliver it on Friday's... when she picks him up. If not... don't bother trying to collect him. He won't be here..

Love you hubby...really x

Miss Construed

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why I Stayed...

I stayed... because I loved you and wanted to work things out.

Simple, really.

It makes it easier, moving on, knowing you never felt the same in return.


Have you ever considered what it must feel like for Little Son to have a grubby little piece of shit like taz come and go into his house tease and torment him and kick him in the arse boss him around telling him to go outside and then for you to take that fuckwits side and pretend it's all ok. You're Little Son's mother and it's your responsibility to provide him with a safe and comfortable environment. That house is his home and supposed to be a sanctuary. You have failed him there as a mother as well. He said he doesn't speak up because you get cranky at him and send him to his room. That leach taz is just a visitor he does not contribute with any expenses and has no authority over Little Son he should respect the fact that that is his home and he is a visitor and behave appropriately. Little Son does not like taz. He is just a kid and has to try and fit in with his environment. The one you have provided. I don't ask him about what goes on over there I don't want to know it only annoys me. He comes straight out and tells me thinking that there is something I can do. I am his father and I have a interest in his welfare. Little Son wishes taz would die he hates it when taz comes over to get drunk with his mother he hates it when taz blows yucky smoke in his face and he hates it when his mother kisses ugly old taz. He doesn't just say this to me he will say it to my mother as well. Like when he told grandma J "I wish taz got run over by a car when he fell over drunk on the road, pissy taz" and I wasn't there so Little Son wasn't trying to impress me.
You are a disgrace as a mother you live in a fantasy world that you have created for your own piece of mind and taz is nothing but a scabby piece of dog shit.
I regret every moment I have spent with you and am ashamed to know you. It's nothing short of embarrassing for me when people find out that we have children together.
Regards hubby

Joshua James...

Or... we could just substitute your name into the equation...

"(Hubby) is just a visitor he does not contribute with any expenses and has no authority over Little Son he should respect the fact that that is Little Son's home and he is a visitor and behave appropriately.

So could have you when you visited my safe sanctuary. And then I wouldn't have had to take out that AVO against you. And as you no longer have to pay me any maintenance, even though the last money you gave me was a GIFT and because you said you'd feel guilty if you hadn't helped me out when you had thousands of dollars and are living rent free and without expenses...then I say Who the Fuck cares about your dilemma?

"Little Son said he doesn't speak up because you get cranky at him and send him to his room." I thought you said you didn't ask him about Taz????

"He hates it when his mother kisses ugly old taz" ??? Little Son has never seen this happen. Because it doesn't happen. You and your grand delusions.

"I regret every moment I have spent with you and am ashamed to know you.It's nothing short of embarrassing for me when people find out that we have children together."...

And what People would that be?? People that haven't known me for at least the last 9 years? Most people we both know already KNOW that we have children together, so it can hardly be a talking point that you are embarrassed about. Are you talking about your cyberslags? Here's a hint...don't mention your ex when you are trying to pick up. It only turns people away. Trust me. I'm looking.

And Actually, Nothing is as embarrassing as when I have to tell people that not only did you not want me to have our children, but that you wanted me to abort them both. Nothing is more embarrassing than telling people that you made me drive you to play cricket on the beach when I was in labour with Little Son because you didn't want to miss out on Your Fun. Nothing is more embarrassing to admit that you stayed with a man who hit because you loved him even though he didn't know how to handle his emotions or apologise for his actions. And if you doubt what I'm saying then ask your brother B and find out Exactly what he did to you that made you hit him with a cricket bat.

Or did you just see red and go apeshit on him because he was more popular than you, too?

You are/were a neglectful "husband" and "father", you are abusive and always will be; I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend with Little Son, because now that it's over I won't feel so bad telling your Mum next week that Little Son is staying home with me. All weekend. Until they get back from overseas. Not that you'll care; go fuck your sluts and make a new baby. Then you can tell her to get rid of it too.

You should learn from your mistakes.

On the 4th of April we kissed each other and I let you into my bed. Five weeks ago you took me shopping with my broken wrist and bought me lunch.

I don't know who you are Joshua James. Then again, I probably never did.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Afterthought...

"Paranoia jealousies fear and anger" ????

You actually think I feel these things?

Sounds like You have an anxiety problem; and that you are trying to transfer this on to me. When I have never felt any of these things. Ever. Except, perhaps, those times when you've assaulted me. It's on your permanent record, even if you weren't convicted. Thanks to me.

You're talking about yourself. Trust me. I did Psychology 101. You haven't.

Message From A Fuckwit...

I'm not jealous of Twink he gets shit messages because he is full of shit too. I don't drink alone at the pub and I do quite fine with getting myself a fuck when ever I want. I didn't have a life with you because you were dishonest and betrayed my trust over and over again. then you would place all your paranoia jealousies fear and anger onto me. you're a complete fuckwit if you believe any of the shit you conger up just to hide your guilt. when people found out you were fucking taz their opinion of you fell. I can't see why Miss Fancy Pants would be any different. your waisting your time trying to tell me bullshit I lived through seen and experienced all your crap and everyone I talk to agrees with me that there is something seriously wrong with you. and taz is all the proof anyone ever needed you would have to be a absolute idiot to think he is anything but a slimy piece of dog shit.

Regards hubby

Message To Poofboy...

What was on SBS that you wanted me to watch? A show about anxiety? reminds me (and I'm checking my text messages) of the 11th November 2009 at 10.21am when you messaged me saying (and I quote)"I need help can you call me". Which I did. And then the police came, sirens blaring, and found you (probably snivelling in the foetal position under your mum's bed)and took you to the Round House to be assessed.


I have my eye on someone down at the pub; you know who he is(and it's neither Twink or Bowes).

And the email I showed you...was from a 33 year old chick. You've turned me off men. You are all selfish cunts.. And Taz is, and always will be, a gentleman and my mate. You are just too jealous to understand that. Maybe one day you will sit next to him at the pub and have a beer with him. Like you did with Kiwi on Friday night; someone else who you said you were going to smash. Gunna. That's you Sweetie.

Got the hint yet, WOMANBASHER??

A Sorry would help your sorry cause.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Regards Hubby...

No one has told you to fuck me off. That is because you don't have me. I'm only civil too you because your my children's mother. Other than that my opinion of you is the same as every one else. You're a dishonest alcoholic slut who chooses to feed and fuck a slimy piece of shit who is also a lieing drunk coward. You have no integrity any more you chose to be just like taz. Stop pretending that your life is anything other than what it really is.

Regards hubby

By The Way...

By the way; while you were sleeping on Bowes's couch he was asleep in my bed. And Twink was on the couch. Yep.They hate me. And they really think highly of you. Not. You can think I'm a slut; like you said; because You don't have me. I dumped you. Two years ago almost. And I can do what I like. Must be hard to lose control.

Thanks for the spinach triangle...and I'm only civil to you because sometimes I feel sorry for your sad arse. Now be nice to your mum. Because otherwise she'll kick you out too.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'll Be Okay...

Own your own actions, hubby.

You made threats you were sending henchmen around, to your child's house,to fuck Taz off. You pretended in your delusion, that you were sitting on my roof, as a form of intimidation. You've said you've already paid someone to do the job and that it's a Done Deal.

If that's not fucked up then I don't know what is.

The only person people tell me to get out of my You.

I don't see the point in trying to be friends.

Thanks for your lack of concern.

I'll be okay.

I'm Starting To Get The Shits....

Taz just didn't phone and say hi and when will you be home there was more to that conversation. He then rang my phone and started yelling abuse and trying to get me to come up and cause a scene so he could get you to call the police and start a hole bunch of shit. I'm tired of his smart mouth being shot off to every one specially Little Son when every one knows he is to scared to come within arms reach of me. He is the biggest lying piece of scum in Pubtown and not only do you feed and fuck him you defend him as well. If you choose to condone that fuckwit you have to wear all the bullshit that comes with him. The fact that you're "friends" with him has cost you dignity. He is not a good bloke and never has been he is a lier and a sponge and you are his only friend and he only pretends to be yours so he can benefit from you. I know every one has told you to fuck him off so why don't you listen to reason.

Regards hubby

Sunday, May 2, 2010

You Twat...

It's me...

I thought we were having an okay afternoon down at the pub; then Taz called me and so you got on your I'm A Fuckwit horse.

I am sick of being intimidated by you; and if you don't think you have been then get the fuck off my roof. Weirdo.

What makes bloke's tick? Neither you or Taz want a relationship with me and yet it seems you both think it's within your rights to try and control my life.

I spoke to Twink for 40 minutes tonight; he seems to think that you still love me; I say its a control factor. You gave me money for rent and food because I can't work at the moment and so everything I have worked for and done for myself in the last 18 months means nothing as I now owe you some sort of favour.

I've already thanked you; and all you could say was that you would've felt guilty if you hadn't helped me out. Please don't help me again. I don't like being held to emotional ransom.

I loved you, you Twat, more than anything.