Friday, June 18, 2010

This Is Why I Do This...

What or Who is Miss Construed?

Miss Construed is the anonymous online personal diary and homepage of rn_buffoon; that’s Me. A 36 year old Seperated mother of two…noticed how Seperated is spelt with a capital letter. That's because it Used to be important.

But this blog ain’t about Them. Or him. hubby.

It’s all about Me Myself and Eye…

What do I do for a Blogliving?

I am a part-time cleaner at a hotel…

Even though I have a university degree.

I majored in English and Philosophy and have written two memoirs about Myself called ‘A Flea’s Small World’ and ‘Thoghuts’.

If they hadn’t been rejected for publication maybe I wouldn’t be a hotel cleaner!

One day I'm going to send the Psychiatriast Guy a copy because he inspired me to write it.

So much Negativity...

Why did Eye start blogging?

To chronicle my Life as evidence for the (T)ruth. With a silent T. Only those that truly know me will recognise the true reality about that statement.

And it might come in handy as evidence one day...
Sound like You?

How long a day do you spend blogging?

Only a few hours per week currently- I’m a busy working Mum remember! I have three jobs currently. You need to work if your Ex doesn't.

Why subscribe to my blog?

Because it’s a true and disturbingly honest account of my Life…

And because there are absolutely no holds barred.

Even when I am scared...

Nothing is sacred!

I give you my heart.

What advice to I give to other Bloggers?

Write from from your heart about the things in you life that you are most passionate about. Be honest with Yourself first.


Stay True.