Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Paper Work...

I had the following argument about the Institution of Marriage...

(Disclaimer: Please take into account that although I have never been married I was in a de facto relationship which went for 18 years...maybe this is significant when considering the outcome of Said argument...)

I remember asking Taz if he would like me to cook him a sausage...sure it's nothing fancy but it's all I had to offer. He could have been a magnaminous Prick and just eaten it...but no. This man is his own breed.

Fast forward...yelling and pointing of fingers...called me a Cunt and drunken bitch...and it turns out that marriage is Nothing but a PIECE OF FUCKING PAPER that exists between two individuals until one of them tenders a divorce.

And Guess What?

His 7 year marriage to a red-headed slut who fucked his best friend is as invalid now as my 18 year defacto relationship with my ex-hubby is.

(NB Please note the significance of using lower case letters when alluding to the Slut that She IS. I demoted her out of Feminine Reasoning..being that if I don't know her... then I will rarely give her the Benefit of The Feminine Doubt...)

The only difference...Paperwork.

And Yes... I felt married.

Because I fucking was.