Sunday, October 24, 2010

To Whom This Might Concern...

Hey to You All..

I've been slack, very, at blogging of late.

Call it the five jobs I have. Call it laziness. Either way I miss all three of you Staunch readers who I've given nothing in return lately for your readership.

Much has been going on...hubby continues to give me grief. I must change me private phone number again. I've just eaten a bowl of soup that Taz made for me. I didn't realise the boy could cook. I'm a Milk Maid and am covered in bruises.

Kids are well the eldest is almost done with his HSC exams. Little Son has improved in leaps and bounds and is getting his first Principal's award next Tuesday. Happy Mum.

Hope you are all well Guys.

Miss Construed x


Elaine said...

I miss you. I miss us blogging like we used to.

I'm always on Facebook these should pop your head in and say hi!

I'm so glad the boys are doing well, that's great news.

I don't like the sound of those bruises though. Please take care. xxx

Grump said...

Thanks for catching up. Have you noticed I have been blogging again, if only in stops and starts. What does a milk maid do. Well I know what a milk maid used to do, milk cows!
Glad to hear sons are doing well at school. My sixteen year old wants to leave, he's had enough, we are battling to keep him going and interested.
Catch you on MSN or Face book soon.

Miss Construed... said...

I do a milk run, Grump, just like it was in the old days. I drive the truck to the depot and deliver over a ton of milk to cafes every Sunday, plus my regular hotel job and two other night jobs.

Busy busy busy....

Laney.. the bruises are from hard work. Nothing else. I miss our bloggy days too. Miss you too.


Grump said...

I'll have 3 litres of the full cream thank you kindly. Do you do the yoghurt as well.
Glad to hear you are ok and working hard. Are you all set for Xmas. Come on line sometime for a chat.

Miss Construed... said...

Yoghurt...sour cream ...cheese... flavoured juice ..I do it all Grump.

Grump said...

Do you home deliver though, like they do in the UK where I originated from. I can hear the sound of the milkman on his electric cart with the bottles jingle jangling. We had milk in pint bottles and the gold top had the most cream. In winter the little tits [birds my dear] would tap tap on the lids to get at the cream.
Happy Christmas.

Grump said...

Hey Miss Construed, I hope you are ready for Christmas, pressies under the tree, piss in the fridge, food in the oven. I hope you have a lovely day. Merry Christmas and a happy safe new year.
Woof xx

Elaine said...

Happy New Year!!! xxx